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College football is very exciting and many people get so enthralled with watching their favorite teams play. There have been many memorable college football plays in recent years. You might be wondering what some of the most impressive college football plays of all-time are. Read on to examine some of the best and most awe-inspiring college football plays ever. 

Nick Marshall’s 73-Yard Touchdown (Auburn vs. Georgia, 2013)

Auburn was down by one point against the Georgia Bulldogs. With time running out, it was up to Auburn quarterback Nick Marshall to make a last-second throw for the endzone. Only 36 seconds were on the game clock and Marshall managed to connect with Ricardo Louis for a 73-yard game-winning touchdown. It was a very impressive play and it’s one that Auburn fans won’t soon forget. 

The Mishandled Punt (Michigan State vs University of Michigan, 2015)

Michigan State and the University of Michigan have one of the most storied rivalries in college football. In 2015, it looked like the Wolverines were ready to win the game against their rivals as they were up 23-21. They had to punt the ball and the punter wound up severely mishandling the ball. This lead to Spartans player Jalen Watts-Jackson getting the ball bounced into his hands and he took it all the way to the endzone to give Michigan State a 27-23 victory. 

The Catch (Alabama vs. Southern Mississippi, 2005)

This play goes down as one of the most stunning catches in college football history. Alabama player Tyrone Prothro was being covered very well by Southern Mississippi player Jasper Faulk. Time was running out in the first half of the game and a pass was thrown to the endzone. Prothro managed to catch the ball by pinning it against Faulk’s jersey and maintained control of the ball as the two fell into the endzone.  

The Statue of Liberty Play (Boise State vs. Oklahoma, 2007)

During the 2007 Fiesta Bowl, Boise State and Oklahoma went into overtime and things were very tense. Boise State scored a touchdown to tie things up in OT, but they had a choice of either going for the tie or going for the win. Instead of taking the easy extra point, they opted to go for a play where the quarterback faked a pass to the right and handed it off to a running back in a smooth motion. The running back ran into the endzone without being touched for a two-point conversion and Boise State won the game 42-41.