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Some of the best NFL stadiums in the country have some impressive technology. Many of the most popular stadiums have received fantastic upgrades in recent years so that fans can have an even more appealing experience while watching the game. Take a look at the most high-tech NFL stadiums by reading the information below. You’ll be able to see if your local stadium made the cut. 

Lambeau Field

Lambeau Field is a legendary football stadium that plays host to the Green Bay Packers and it also happens to be one of the most high-tech. It has a very fan-friendly vibe and both the sound system and the display monitors are top-notch. One of the best things about Lambeau Field is that they have put display monitors at nearly every part of the stadium so that you can see what is going on at all times. It’s also notable that the tailgate parking spots are really nice at this stadium. 

University of Phoenix Stadium

The home stadium of the Arizona Cardinals is also a very high-tech building. This stadium uses some very impressive environment stadium technology to keep things comfortable for everybody. You’ll be impressed by this stadium’s retractable field and retractable roof. It does an excellent job of protecting things from the harshness of the desert sun. 

AT&T Stadium

AT&T Stadium famously installed the largest LED display screen in the world back in 2009. This screen is 130” wide and even has panels that are capable of rotating. Fans are able to connect to it using a special app. The app also makes it easier for fans to find out where their seats are located.

Levi’s Stadium

Levi’s Stadium is really nice for fans of fantasy football. It has a special Yahoo Fantasy Sports Football Lounge. This allows fantasy football fans to keep updated on all of the information from the games that are being played across the league. The lounge even has conveniences such as charging stations and screens that fans can use. 

Sun Life Stadium

Sun Life Stadium is notable for making use of analytics tools. Fans can get access to important information such as the score of the game and stats using their mobile phones. Having interactive tools like this to use make the experience at the game better than ever. They also collect data to continue to improve the fan experience.