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Athletes are always looking for things that will help to give them an edge in training. There are many ways that technology can help athletes to train smarter than ever before. Many of the best athletes are making use of wearable tech. Take a look at some of the best wearable tech for athletes below. 

The Zephyr Bioharness

The Zephyr Bioharness is an interesting piece of wearable technology that professional baseball players are using. This is a piece of technology that can track movement while monitoring your heart rate, respiration, and acceleration. It can be used during games and it straps directly to the chest. Information like this helps to keep players safe and it shows them how they’re doing in several key areas. 

Motus Compression Sleeve

The Motus Compression Sleeve has been specifically designed for baseball players. It helps to provide players with important pieces of data and it can give them throw limit recommendations. It’s also going to give data on pitch locations and can help to show how athletes are performing. It’s an interesting piece of wearable tech that is even available for public purchase. 

Whoop Strap

The Whoop Strap is a device that is worn on your wrist and it gives you many different metrics to analyze. Athletes can get data on their heart rate, ambient temperature, and motion. This is an expensive piece of tech that provides a lot of information that can help athletes to get better sleep and manage their habits. It has proven to be especially popular among NBA players. 

GPS Trackers

Many professional athletes make use of special GPS trackers as well. They use special GPS trackers that can give out metrics such as speed and distance. These can also give information about a person’s heart rate. Many NFL players, NBA players, and MLS players use GPS trackers in this fashion. 

Wearable Tech Will Become More Prevalent

Wearable tech is going to continue to become more prevalent in the world of sports. Athletes need to have access to data to ensure that they are doing all that they can to succeed. As technology continues to improve, the athletes of tomorrow will be able to use new and more interesting methods to pursue athletic excellence.