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Nfl Players


Everyone has their opinions about who the greatest NFL player is. There have been many great players over the long history of the league. Jim Brown, Joe Montana, and Lawrence Taylor showcased how each position on the field can be vital in securing victory for their team. The list isn’t all about receivers and quarterbacks. Continue reading to see who made the best 10 NFL players of all time list.

10. Reggie White – Defensive End

White was a force on the front line for his entire 15-year career. He was a quarterback’s worst nightmare. His signature moves got him passed linemen effortlessly, often leading to the quarterback looking at the lights.

9. Tom Brady – Quarterback

Tom Brady is probably the greatest quarterback of this generation. He has won 6 Superbowls. He was a sixth-round pick during his initial draft, but he has showcased his real value throughout his career.

8. Don Hutson – Wide Receiver

Don Hutson is a legend. He played for the Packers for 10 years and dominated the field. He was an innovator, creating many of the routes still run today.

7. Dick Butkus – Linebacker

No one wanted to see this 6’3” linebacker coming at them on the field. He could do much more than just tackle. He was an all-around playing, frequently creating fumbles and catching interceptions.

6. Johnny Unitas – Quarterback

Johnny Unitas finished his career with over 40,000 passing yards. This is more impressive when you consider he did it in the 1950s before certain techniques and routes were invented. The shotgun spread wasn’t even allowed.

5. Walter Payton – Running Back

Walter Payton was the best running back in the 70s. He carried the ball over 339 times in just one year.

4. Lawrence Taylor – Linebacker

Taylor was known for his explosive take off from the line. He put fear into the biggest of running backs.

3. Joe Montana – Quarterback

Joe Montana is arguably the greatest quarterback of all time.

2. Jim Brown – Running Back

Brown showed people that you didn’t have to have a long career in order to put up stats.

1. Jerry Rice – Wide Receiver

Jerry Rice narrowly beats out Joe Montana and Jim Brown as the greatest NFL player of all time.