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Professional basketball is very competitive and teams need to look for advantages where they can. Many teams are making use of advanced technology to get more information while preparing for big games. You might not realize this as a fan, but technology has changed the game of basketball quite a bit. Read on to examine just how much of an impact technology is having on the game. 

Advanced Analytics

The biggest area where technology is impacting the game of basketball is in analytics. Special cameras known as SportVU cameras have been installed in every NBA arena. This allows every movement of every player to be tracked meticulously. Teams now have access to so much data about how they’re playing, that it becomes easier to prepare for a game than ever before. 

Teams are able to look at footage of how things played out and they can analyze how to make certain adjustments. If a player is moving a certain way, he will be able to adjust his habits by watching the footage to better facilitate success. Looking at statistics and developing strategies based on the data that is presented is a huge part of the game. The NBA has always found data to be extremely important, but the modern league just has more access to data. 

Virtual Reality & Augmented Reality

It also needs to be mentioned that virtual reality and augmented reality are being used to help people train for games. VR headsets can help players to work on certain things to help them on the court. Most notably, they are able to work on the mental aspects of playing basketball so that they can be more prepared for high-pressure situations. VR has managed to help some players become better free throw shooters and it has many potential applications. 

Augmented reality can be used in several different ways as well. It is currently being used to help fans interact with the games more. Many teams have special apps with AR experiences that fans can enjoy. As these technologies continue to become more impressive, they will start to play an even bigger role in how fans interact with professional basketball games.