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Technology is changing the world rapidly and the sports world is changing along with everything else. The NFL has been impacted by technology in several major ways. Examine how technology has changed the NFL by reading the information below. It’ll give you some insight into just how important technology has been for America’s favorite sport. 

Improved Filming

Of course, the improvements to film technology and cameras have made it easier than ever to film football games. In the past, it wasn’t easy to get the best angles and to see everything that was going on. Presently, the NFL is able to use many high-definition cameras so that fans can see and hear the action better than ever before. People are able to experience the game so well because of technological advancements. 


Drones have made it possible for football fans to enjoy some stunning angles of the stadium and the game. Sometimes, drones are also used during halftime shows to help provide certain shots. This does go along with improved filming, but drone technology is distinct enough that it deserves a mention by itself. 

Instant Replay

Some people might debate that instant replay is a bad thing for the NFL. Regardless, the advent of instant replay has changed the game. Coaches can choose to challenge a call at the risk of losing a timeout. This has had an impact on the strategy of the game and it also makes it possible for a blown call to be reversed. 

Tracking Devices

Tracking devices make it a lot simpler to find your seat in the modern era of the NFL. Many stadiums make use of convenient apps to help fans find information at the stadium. It helps people to figure out how to navigate these massive football stadiums. Fans enjoy a safer and less stressful experience due to this tracking technology. 

Virtual Reality Training

You might not know this, but some players make use of virtual reality training to get ready for a big game. They can experience footage in virtual reality to get ready for certain things. As virtual reality technology continues to improve, this might become the preferred way to watch film and focus on tiny details. It’s a useful way for players to put themselves on the field and examine what could have gone differently.