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In 1891, basketball was invented by James Naismith in Springfield, Massachusetts. His students loved to play football and soccer, but with winter approaching it wasn’t possible to play any sports outdoors. Since he wanted them all to continue to get the practice they needed and to stay in good health, he came up with the game. His idea was to hang two peach baskets and catch a soccer ball. With that, basketball was born. Since the class size had been 18 pupils, nine players were put on each team.

The ball was passed and had been bounced between the players until one student obtained the soccer ball and shot it into the baskets. That shot was the first 3 points ever made in a basketball game. Now, this original game didn’t come without its problems. The most serious was that somebody had to climb a ladder each time there was a basket made to recover the ball. Eventually, Naismith decided holes cut in the bottom of the baskets to resolve this problem. Now the ball would fall through, and play would continue with no long pause.

Later, the peach baskets were replaced entirely with backboards and a metal hoop, and basketball began to spread. It began being played in high colleges and schools. Various rules and limits were created for the game so that teams would not be too big since at one point a university sent over 100 students out to play at once. With coordinated play and teams, basketball took off as a serious sport. In the late ’40s, basketball went pro with the introduction of the National Basketball Association. Even though it just had eight teams to begin, this institution has grown to include 30 teams and millions of fans.

For a short period, there had also been the American Basketball Association. Created in 1967, on the ABA folded after less than nine years because of financial problems. Therefore, the favorite sport of basketball had a very humble beginning. James Naismith, now dubbed on the Father of Basketball, simply created a game that his pupils could play out of the cold. These days basketball is among the most commonly played ball game drawing in a wide selection of audience and players.