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College Football Stadium


A football stadium is more than a place to play a game. It serves as a home for the team and a symbol to their fans. The home field advantage even means that the stadium is practically a member of the team! While almost every athlete will say that their stadium is special, there are a few that stand out for their design or reputation.

Bryant-Denny Stadium

Bryant-Denny Stadium, home of the Crimson Tide, has been in use for nearly a century. It began with just 12,000 seats in 1929, but several expansions have expanded its capacity to a massive 101,821 people.

The stadium also stands out for the home team’s astonishing record when playing in it. The team has won just over 82% of the games played at home, which is a testament to both the quality of the players and the sheer scale of the home field advantage.

Kyle Field

Kyle Field is attached to the Texas A&M University, home of the famous Aggies. The field is even older than Bryant-Denny since it first saw use in 1905. Expansions from 2014-2015 brought the seating capacity up to a massive 102,733 people. It is fairly common for all of those seats to get filled during a game due to the team’s massive popularity. Those crowds can make it one of the most intimidating stadiums for the visiting team.

Beaver Stadium

Penn State’s famous athletes play in Beaver Stadium, which can seat 107,282 people at once. That makes it one of the biggest college stadiums in the country. If the full stadium was a city, it would be in the top five in the state by population!

This stadium also stands out for its traditions, such as the S-Zone, where attendees coordinate to make giant S in the crowd. The traditions give the stadium a unique character that makes it stand out from the country’s other gigantic football stadiums.