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Dermot Coll

Business Professional

About Dermot

Dermot Coll is currently the Regional Agricultural Sales Manager at the Quinn Company in Fresno, California. He is a successful business professional and a Military Veteran with over 20 years of experience in the private sector, higher education, and the United States Air Force. He has strong leadership skills and is comfortable managing large groups of people and advising individuals for success in their field. Some of Dermot Coll’s areas of expertise include sales, marketing, contract negotiations, financial oversight, and strategic communication.

Professional History

Before he began his professional career, Dermot Coll attended the United States Air Force Academy in Colorado Springs. There he earned a Bachelor of Science degree in general studies. After graduating in 1995, Dermot became the Intercollegiate Program Manager with the United States Air Force. For the next year, he was responsible for the organization of training and development programs for 20 camps of over 3,000 students.

Dermot Coll began to gain interest in the professional side of collegiate athletics. He began to take on more roles in the athletic field. He spent two years as a Joint Program Manager with the Air Force that had more tactical duties. He later became the Assistant Athletic Director/Coach/Instructor with the Air Force as well. He was responsible for supervising the staff and student operations for the NCAA Division I programs. This meant that he was working with the entire athletic program as a whole as well as with the individuals on the lacrosse team. Aside from advising the programs and teams, Dermot also organized and maintained a financial management system for the 27-team program that had a budget of $22 million.

After working for the United States Air Force for seven years, Dermot Coll went on to work for the Air Force Academy Athletic Corporation. He became the Associate Athletic Director where he developed the first annual fund program to support the athletic department. This program was able to raise $6 million in cash gifts and transportation donations that reduced travel costs. His responsibilities in this role also included sales, marketing, and collegiate licensing.

In 2012, Dermot Coll became the Senior Associate Athletic Director/Chief Executive with the Air Force Academy Athletic Corporation. He was responsible for the management of operations for an NCAA Division I athletic program. Dermot worked on sports administration, marketing, ticketing, fundraising, business development, recruiting, and retail sales. In 2014, Dermot continued his education and completed a Master of Science degree in Organizational Leadership & Change Management at Colorado State University.

After spending three years in an Athletic Director role, Dermot Coll branched out and began working in the world of business. He became a Senior Partner at DCA Consulting & Communications where he consulted with clients to maximize business potential through offering guidance on leadership, management, sales, and communication. In 2017, Dermot began his current role as Regional Agricultural Sales Manager at the Quinn Company in Fresno. Some of his responsibilities include producing strategic direction and tactical execution for hiring, training, mentorship, and leadership of teams to increase sales.

Sports Expertise

Dermot Coll has held four different roles involved with athletics throughout his career. He has an expansive knowledge of collegiate Division I sports along with general sports knowledge. He has served on a number of different committees and with multiple organizations related to sports. He served as the Chairman of the NCAA Division I Men’s Lacrosse Committee from 2008 to 2012 and of the Atlantic Hockey Conference Board of Directors from 2007 to 2014. Dermot was also the President of the Colorado Chapter of The National Football Foundation & College Hall of Fame for eight years.